Tips To Have A Safe and Adventurous Ride

Travel movies and books inspire our wanderlust. Going places with our favorite characters and craving for our version of ‘Into The Wild’ and ‘Eat Pray Love’, adventurous stories stay with us forever. Showcasing beautiful cities, landscapes, and cultures inspires us to pack our bags for an enthralling journey and leave the old life behind.
When feeling the need to escape the monotony, road trips can refresh you. The open roads, time with nature, and exquisite sunsets will captivate you. The awe-inspiring moments of life and the people you surround yourself with can motivate you to bigger and better things. But if you are planning a solo trip, what could be better than a bike road trip?
Taking a vacation on a bike is entirely a different experience than a regular trip. Although it includes several usual pleasures, right from delectable native food to visiting the attractions, it has some bonus as well.

Is There An Advantage Of Taking A Motorcycle Tour?
Most bikers if not all have taken a motorcycle trip with their friends. It’s crazy and fun to hit the road with your buddies. While a trip with your close ones is a great idea, but there is something exceptional about taking a solo ride. Solo travel can help you relish life.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should take a solo road trip.

Reconnecting – Have you heard people saying, “You’ll feel alive and connected”? Well, that’s what a motorcycle solo trip is all about. There’s no growing if you are stuck in a rut and trapped. To gain perspective is by changing the environment you dwell in. One of the biggest perks about solo travel is reconnecting with ourselves. Tourism helps us in redefining our needs and a chance to ask tough life questions. It’s about self-care that comes in several forms.

Appreciating – Living in our houses and workplaces for long hours can make us feel that we are missing out on life. For once, imagine being surrounded by blissful nature, a serene environment, and enchanting mountains. Nature can ease anxiety and lower our stress levels. A bike ride with your thoughts is all you need to appreciate nature.

Experiences – When you take a road trip with your friends or family, there could be limited options for a candid halt. When riding a bike, you can interact with the natives, mesmerize the landscape, and appreciate the world that’s breathing around you.

How many times have you planned a trip with your loved ones only to cancel it? A solo bike trip will be a satisfying experience. For a content trip, it’s necessary to ensure that your bike is functioning properly. Checking the factory brake levers, air pressure, comfort, wheels, lights, etc are crucial to end the trip on a happy note.

How To Prepare For Your Bike Journey?

Whether mental or physical, humans love to challenge themselves because of their competitive nature. If you have accepted a challenge to ride across the country to find the best sights and hidden locations, you will be experiencing an enduring ride.

Taking a trip on your bike seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before starting your long-distance tour, it’s vital to check the brake clevis, riding gears, windscreen, etc. Following are a few helpful tips that will probably make your trip worthwhile.

An Appropriate Motorcycle

Choosing the right bike depends on where you are heading, whether you are visiting a plain area, mountainous region, or dessert. Regular bikes are not designed to cater to these roads. You need a powerful bike with an upright riding position. Make sure the windscreen is large, so you don’t need to fight the wind.

Check Controls

Don’t forget to check factory brake levers, inspect for cracks and breaks. Check whether or not the brake lever activates the brake light before you take a turn. Also, ensure all your handlebars are tight.


There could be a possibility that your bike is punctured in the middle of nowhere and the repair shop is hundreds of kilometers away! While looking at the tires, keep in mind to check the damages on the spoked wheels.


Lights do not cost much, so ensure the headlight, turn lights, and tail lights are all working smoothly. These little things make a tremendous difference in visibility. If you are unsure of the workings, your reliable bike mechanic will diagnose the problem.

Handlebar Mounts

If you are riding solo, this is something appropriate for you. A phone holder will navigate you through the right routes. It holds your smartphone and gives 360-degree flexibility rotation. Also, the phone screen can be easily accessed and you can reach your destination following the GPS.

Prepare a checklist for your bike before you head off. Make sure your helmet isn’t damaged, there’s enough space for your luggage, have a first aid kit, check the intricacies such as brake clevis, wheels, mirrors, and other important features for a safe and wonderful tour.

Taking a solo trip isn’t easy, you are all on your own, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It could be a culmination of connecting with your inner self, concentrating on your health, and creating unforgettable memories.

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