6 Stylish Combinations for Men’s Separates

Would denim jeans look better with a grey jacket? Does black work on black, or would a white and black combination look better? What jacket to wear with which pants are an everyday struggle every man has to go through. However, having a guide to matching separates is the best solution to such wardrobe problems.

6 Best Combos for Men’s Separates 

Based on the clothing pieces almost every man has in his wardrobe, here are six separate combinations that can never go wrong. 

#1. Collared Shirt or Work-Jacket with Matching Trousers

When wearing a suit looks like too much effort or doesn’t seem appropriate, there is an easy way to make shirts and trousers work instead. If you have a brown or khaki shirt or jacket, pair it with matching khaki pants, and you’re good to go. The same applies to black on black, blue on blue, and so on! It’s a comfortable pair to wear all day, looks great, and there’s not much effort involved in putting the outfit together. 

#2. Unstructured Jackets with Pleated Trousers

Pair these two items together to create an effortless, laid-back look for the office and semi-formal events. Both the items involved in the outfit are formal. However, since their materials and styles are softer and more subtle, you can make it work for both formal and semi-formal gatherings. Choose neutral or subtle colors for this combination; nothing too bold, nothing too flashy. Keep it simple to keep it chic! 

#3. Black Jackets with Grey Trousers

Black jackets are a classic and are definitely a must-have. They are the most versatile pieces in every man’s wardrobe, but even still, one needs to be careful about what they pair it with. Choosing a grey pair of trousers to go with a black jacket is one of the most stylish separate combinations. It looks minimal yet smart and classy. Apart from being effortlessly chic, they’re also very practical. They’re ideal for both day and night events, casual hangouts, and formal gatherings. You can never go wrong with this particular combination.

#4. Grey Jackets with Navy Trousers

Grey jackets, albeit difficult to style, are very stylish, and every man should own one of these. When you think a black coat would make you look overdressed, but a brown one would be too casual, a grey item would be the perfect way to go. And it looks even better when you pair it with navy jeans or trousers. The color combination is quite contrasting, but they go surprisingly well together. Both items have a very stylish and masculine vibe which looks perfect for an office day or breakfast meeting. If you want to reverse that combination and wear grey jeans with a navy blazer, the outfit looks just as great. Try this and all eyes will be on you!

#5. Bold Jacket with White Trousers

If you want to give a bold statement but not go overboard, layer a bold jacket over a subtle, white pair of trousers. If you have a blazer with patterns or bold colors, white pants will tone it down but still keep your blazer in the spotlight. But you don’t have to restrict this combination to bold colors only; even pastels and cool tones go just as well with a pair of white jeans. It looks sophisticated and gives the impression that you put effort into dressing up for the day.

If you like to keep it casual, pair your outfit with white sneakers and roll up the sleeves just a little bit. You’ll make your statement and still look like you belong in a formal meeting room with black coats and bow ties. Hence, this combination is a must try if you want to stand out from the lot.

#6. Textured Jackets with Plain Trousers

If you have a textured jacket that you find tricky to style, you will be surprised at how easy it is to wear. Just pair it with a plain trouser that has a similar color tone to the jacket. If it’s a blue jacket, pair it with dark blue pants; if it’s a grey textured blazer, opt for dark grey or black trousers. It’s really simple, looks effortless, but screams style and class. You can try to see how chic you will look.


Matching separates can be tricky, and they can take up a lot of time and consideration. But some people don’t have that kind of time and patience every morning. Such people can make their wardrobe decisions easier and use this guide to create their outfits in no time. So, which of the above-mentioned combinations are you going to try out first? 

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