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Canada is a great place to study.

While you’re compulsively staring at photos of Justin Trudeau (don’t deny it! ), you might as well check out whether study in Canada is a viable study abroad option. Canada is recognised for its maple syrup, Niagara Falls, and excellent ice hockey teams. It is also known as the Great White North and the incredibly nice upstairs neighbours to the United States.

Why should you study in Canada?

1. Education is taken seriously in Canada.

Did you know that Canada has the highest literacy rate in the world? In reality, university degrees are held by more than half of the city’s citizens. Being a student there must be rather exciting, eh?

2. Universities in Canada are among the greatest in the world.

Canada is home to some of the world’s best universities and institutions, and students from all over the world have come to study alongside the best in their fields.

3. Education variety allows for flexibility.

Universities, colleges, polytechnics, and cégeps are among the many higher education institutions in Canada (vocational schools). You may wish to choose the institutional model that best suits your needs based on your goals or what you’re looking for.

4. Diplomas that are highly recognized

On the employment market, Canadian college and university graduates are highly respected, and students who study there have been able to get excellent positions in virtually any profession.

5. Diversity is celebrated in Canadian culture.

Canadians are eager to welcome you cordially no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you want to study. The North American nation goes to great lengths to guarantee that international students are safe, treated fairly, and enthusiastic about participating in Canadian education and culture.

What’s it like to go to school in Canada?

Higher education in Canada is recognised for being laid-back, and university students are given a lot of leeway when it comes to attendance, course requirements, and assignments.

Students must, however, follow the classroom norms established by their professors and grasp the expectations for each course.

Degree courses are typically discussion-based, seminar-style sessions in which a smaller number of students debates or questions various issues. You’ll also find traditional lecture-style classes, which are particularly useful for topics with a large number of pupils (Computer Science, Medicine, Business, etc.).

What should you study in Canada?

In Canada, you’ll be presented with a vast array of topics from which to choose. Every major city in every province has a university that offers degrees in a wide range of Master’s and Bachelor’s degree courses, ranging from Art History to Neuroscience, Accounting, and Software Engineering. Here are a few to think about if you want to narrow down the options:

Canada’s economics degrees

Canada’s history degrees

In Canada, finance degrees are available.

Canadian pharmacy degrees

Canada’s engineering degrees

Canada’s major cities

Despite the fact that Canada is a large country, the majority of its residents live in the southernmost part of the country. Major universities and institutions can be found in some of the country’s largest cities:

Montréal is a great place to study.

Québec City is a great place to study.

Toronto is a great place to study.

Vancouver is a great place to study.

Which Canadian institutions and colleges should you attend?

If you look at all of the top university rankings lists, you’ll see that Canadian universities appear on nearly every one of them. We’ll go over some of our favourite highlights below:

Royal Roads University is a public university in the United Kingdom.

Bishop’s University is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Wilfrid Laurier University is a university in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Thompson Rivers University is a public university in Thompson, British Columbia.

Brock University (University of Regina).

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