Which are the best fabrics for making the Socks?

When choosing our socks the most important thing is to look at the composition, ie what materials they are made of. This is how we will notice that most of them are composed of materials such as cotton, polyamide or elastane and understanding their benefits and disadvantages is just as important.


Cotton socks are certainly the most sought after and popular when it comes to choosing each of us. However, 100% cotton absorbs perspiration but dries very hard, so if we have to wear a pair of socks for a long time, for example we participate in a sports competition, cotton is not the best choice. On the other hand, cotton is very good for more sensitive feet, it is a natural fiber, socks seem lighter and more comfortable compared to polyester which can sometimes be quite annoying.

Synthetic fibers

Currently there are many socks that are composed of synthetic fibers such as: polyester, polyamide or polypropylene. Synthetic fibers such as polyester ensure the durability of the garment, retain its color for longer and dry faster. On the other hand, they do not let the skin breathe as well as cotton and why not admit they are not the best for our planet because they do not decompose as quickly as natural fibers. Polyamide is also a synthetic fiber, but unlike polyester it gives a more delicate feeling to clothing and is a little more resistant than this.

So what would be the right choice between cotton and synthetic fibers? Unfortunately it is not a single answer question and it all depends on the situation we are in. However, for everyday socks, the choice is cotton in the largest possible proportion, preferably over 80%, in small combination with polyamide and elastane fibers.

Merino wool

Wool socks have long since passed the period when, if you wore them, your skin would start to eat you and they would seem to scratch you with every touch. Nowadays, merino wool socks are light and soft. They keep us warm on cold winter days and absorb perspiration very well without feeling our feet cold. The disadvantages are that it is not advisable to wear them in summer because it would be very hot, they are a little more expensive and quite difficult to wash, as it is not indicated to use the washing machine or the automatic dryer.

Bamboo fibers

Resulting with a new technology, 100% bamboo fiber is one of the softest and most comfortable materials with a very good temperature control capacity: it keeps us warm in winter and does not overheat in summer. Elegant and hygienic, bamboo thread has antibacterial properties and a strong ability to absorb excess perspiration. And the most important thing is that it is recycled naturally, without affecting the environment.

Often wool socks men are seen very little compared to other clothing items are sometimes completely hidden in boots or boots, but they are just as important as any other component of our clothing. When choosing the morning we wear that day, we should consider not only the pattern or color of the socks, but we should also think about the kind of activities planned for that day and choose the socks that have the best materials for us. 

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