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The meaning of the Montessori education is an innovative pre-school education approach which was developed by the Italian educator as well as physician Maria Montessori who created this methodology on the basis of her extensive research with the children with special needs or children who were phrenasthenic. 

This theory, which now is adopted all over the world, in quality schools, originated in the country of Italy where Montessori was born and brought up. The characteristic of this pedagogy is to emphasize independence in a little child to learn and to express themselves and to experience freedom without barriers and also respect for any child’s natural physical, psychological as well as social growth. 

Parameters for Every Montessori School

There are few parameters every Montessori school should maintain while creating the classroom of toddlers. 

  • Any proper montessori Curriculum must have students of mixed ages. It should have classrooms for children who are aged between 2 and a half years to 6 years old , each age should be given specific care and staff should be appointed who will understand what age specific education means
  • They should be given a wide range of options in activities from which a child can choose the ones that are more interesting to them. If they are made to do activities that do not interest them, then their optimum growth will not happen. 
  • Children must experience uninterrupted blocks of work time which generally is specified to 3 hours in an ideal Montessori Curriculum.
  • This method also follows the methodology of discovery through which the students learn new concepts while they are working with different kinds of materials. They are provided with the materials and given the freedom to explore the usage of it rather than being given direct instruction on how to deal with a particular thing. The teachers are there to look after whatever activities the child does and accordingly make an analysis of the brain development and motor skills of the child.
  • In a classroom there should not be any stringency of movement and the child should be given freedom to move in places so that he or she feels free to not only do body movements but also think without any hesitation.
  • Each class should have a proper Montessori trained teacher who exactly knows the importance of these values and methodologies. They must have the capability of taking out the best in a child and bring upon growth.

Global Indian International School -A School That Follows This Method Stringently

In Dubai there are many Montessori schools but there is only one that caters to all these parameters of the Montessori methodologies stringently along with utilising their own unique approach of playing and holistic learning, which is the Global Indian International School’s Global Montessori Plus Program, and all this in a amazingly less fees in comparison to any other dubai school fees.

This is a world renowned International Montessori School that utilises the Global Montessori Plus program to its optimum usage in order to bring forth growth and knowledge in a child.  

The Global Indian International School’s Montessori Curriculum is an extremely innovative approach towards studies. It is an outstanding education program which is aimed at fostering students in a learning environment which is global as well as new age, all of this for a very reasonable payment structure, which is in direct contrast to any other dubai school fees.

The Montessori schools in Dubai are specially designed to sculpt the foundational years of a student and ignite their outstanding learning as well as thinking capabilities. The Global Indian International School’s Montessori program is specifically designed in order to offer a curriculum that will boost the confidence of the students as well as aid them in their evolution as lifelong learners of the future. It has got a considerable amount of global recognition and has won multiple awards for their innovative and out of the box approach towards education and learning methods for children within this age bracket.

The Admission Age Criteria of the Global Montessori Plus program

The Global Montessori Plus curriculum is a revolutionary way of educational methodology which is offered by GIIS and that is the reason it has become the number one Montessori nursery school in all of Dubai. This Montessori school is designed in such a way that it is equipped with the latest methodologies as well as innovative learning tools which is aimed to offer unique opportunities for all the kids who come to study here. The Global Indian International School builds a child’s life skills, personality, mental structure and psychological capability  from their formative days throughout their learning years. Generally, the best time for admission in this Dubai play school is for KG one and it caters to the students who are the age of 3 years and 8 months as of 31st March of every year.

The Montessori curriculum of this school is phenomenal and it emphasizes on the 5 solid pillars of Global Montessori Plus which enhances the overall skills of the student and builds their overall personality. Let us have a look at the age criteria of each class as regulated by the Global Indian International School:

  • For class KG 1 – 

A Child has to be of 3 years and 8 months as of 31st March of any year.

  • For class KG 2

A Child has to be of 4 years and 8 months as of 31st March of any year.

The Global Montessori Plus Program 5 Pillars

The leading Montessori preschool of Dubai, the Global Indian international school’s Global Montessori plus is an excellent preschool experience which is designed in accordance to the requirements of the best Montessori education along with state of the art facilities to help each child develop and grow as better individuals. The teachers of this Montessori are extremely trained as well as experienced to delve into the psyche of the students and bring out outstanding results through their Montessori education of global standard. The GMP program boasts of an outstanding pedagogy that has made the foundations of the following as their base.

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Experiential learning
  • New-age technology
  • Interactive games 

These pillars are extremely helpful in bringing upon the cognitive, emotional, expressive, motor as well as psychological skill of a child.

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