What are the best International Schools in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world (in per capita terms) and boasts the living standards of a first world country. Its success is unique as it is a small city state, but is yet able to punch way above its weight as a prosperous nation that affords its countrymen one of the highest standards of living in the world.

The reason behind Singapore’s success is the industriousness of its people and the fact that they are a major global trading hub. Add to it the fact that being a multi-ethnic nation, it is able to function very well as a global trading and commerce hotspot. It is for this reason that people from around the world come to live and work in Singapore.

The fact that Singapore has many world class schools and universities is also one of the reasons that expats with families don’t think twice about coming to live in Singapore. Let’s take a look at what some of the best international schools in Singapore offer.

  1. Making Global Citizens Out of Students in Singapore Schools

These are schools ideally suited to making a global citizen out of every student. They lay a great deal of stress on family values, besides equipping their students with the academic and life skills that will help them shape their own destiny in the best possible manner.

Their facilities are truly world class and their teachers exceptionally good. Such schools are also renowned for providing an environment of safety and security to their students, something that is of utmost importance in the times that we live in. As regards Singapore school fees these vary from school to school.

  1. Inspired by Global Curricula

GIIS is ideal for families who want their children to receive a great education that empowers them to receive admission in the best universities of the world. Our Campuses have massive built up areas to provide large learning spaces that enable the delivery of stellar education that addresses every child’s aptitude and talent.

GIIS offers curricula derived from  overseas curriculas. These could be the UK or Indian curricula that lay  great stress on academic brilliance  allowing students to aspire and be equipped for admission in the top universities of the world.

  1. Global and National Curricula

Global Indian International School is replete with the best infrastructure and facilities that are equally popular among locals and expats. They offer globally recognized curricula like IGCSE, CBSE, CLSP and the IBDP. In fact as IBDP schools go, GIIS  surely ranks there among the top ones.

For very small children , our school offers the much appreciated Global Montessori plus program for kindergarten that provides the best possible induction to preschoolers into formal education.

  1. Multiple Options

Many other schools may offer a bunch of options like the Australian (New South Wales/High School Certificate (HSC), IGCSE and International Baccalaureate. As might be expected, in such cases many of the students would come from countries like Australia and New Zealand and more than 50 other nationalities. .

  1. Customized Learning

GIIS takes in students for IB PYP (Kindergarten to Grade 5), IB MYP (Grade 6 to 10) and IBDP (Grades 11-12). What’s good about  IBDP schools,is that they customise the whole concept of learning in accordance with the interests and aptitudes of the students in question.

  1. Truly International Schools

Schools like ours, open up new vistas for students providing them with customised learning that helps them achieve their deepest ambitions. We do not want our students to conform to rigid pre-existing systems. Our students are known to become part of a community of students who learn at high levels with every student receiving just the right kind of mentorship to excel.

  1. Holistic Education

GIIS is  known to provide stellar education to primary level students by providing them with a dynamic as well as enabling environment. The curricula offered by GIIS includes the best of the best of international primary  and high school curricula.

Apart from the core subjects we provide special instruction in disciplines such as personal, social, arts, music, physical education, language technology and so on.


Singapore is renowned the world over for its high standards of excellence in whatever it undertakes and that certainly includes its schools. As you would have read in this article, Singapore has international schools of all kinds and types to cater to the needs of its students hailing from myriad backgrounds and communities. What binds us together is our passion for excellence and an enabling environment that makes super achievers of our students.

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