Top Interior Design Trends To Refresh Your Home in 2021

The pandemic has created a paradigm shift in our outlook on life and has brought about a dramatic transformation in our lifestyle. Work from home, online classes, workout and entertainment at home are the new normal since last year. Our homes have become offices, classrooms, gyms, theatres all rolled into one.

Staying at home has led us to think about remodelling our spaces taking into account the new normal. Homeowners are planning makeovers as per their requirements and comfort.

People are thinking about the best use of their space and hence 2021 is seeing a rise in home improvement endeavours.

If you are planning to renovate your home, here is a low down on the latest trends that can lend your space refreshing vibes.

Wood Flooring in place of Carpet

Flooring plays a crucial role in sprucing up your home. Incorporating natural elements in your interior design is the best way to go in 2021.

Carpets can trap allergens, resulting in increased exposure to dust, mites and pollens. The trend of using wood flooring is on the rise and homeowners are replacing their carpets with natural wood flooring options such as solid wood and engineered wood flooring, depending on their budget.

Herringbone engineered wood flooring is the top trending pattern this year and is here to stay. It gives structural stability to the flooring whilst lending aesthetic appeal to your interiors.

Budget-friendly wood look options such as luxury vinyl flooring and laminate flooring too can be chosenfor bringing in a refreshing change to your home décor.

When it comes to thickness, it’s recommended to go with the 12mm laminate flooring for the best results.

If renewing your flooring is on your mind, explore high quality and affordable materials available on One Step Beyond’s website. They offer a wide range of Oak engineered flooring and one can select colour, style, texture and finish as per their needs.

They also have an amazing collection of spc vinyl flooring. Their premium quality ensures that the material you buy from them is durable and lasts long.

Home Office or Cloffice

Even though we will get back to normal, creating a functional space for the home office is not a bad idea. The trend of combining closet and office is on the rise. A room divider can be used for creating office space to suit the needs of stay-at-home executives.

It’s not just about a comfortable chair along with a desk. Add style to your sanctuary by incorporating a  desk light, bookshelf, planter and patterned wallpaper. And create a work station that resonates with your personality where you can enjoy working for hours.

Bring Nature Indoors

Bringing a bit of nature indoors is another trend that saw a surge during the pandemic. Plants help in boosting mood, reducing stress levels and improving health.

Many indoor plants are known to reduce airborne pollutants and release oxygen, thus improving the air quality of our homes.

Succulents are ideal to be placed on countertops. Ferns are great for the living area. Orchids can make the entrance look colourful and welcoming.

Choose pots with quirky shapes that can be hung or placed on the floor and enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Add a Pop of Colour

Adding a pop of colour to a neutral colour palette can effortlessly lift the ambience of any space. One can add just the right amount of vibrant hues and strike a perfect balance without overdoing it. Incorporating flower vases, table lamps or rugs in bold colours can do the trick.

Experiment with colours and lend your home décor an artistic transformation. Statement pieces that have the ability to take the centre stage are ideal to inject some colour into your home.

Sculptural Centerpiece

A sculptural centrepiece can create interest and add drama to your home interior design. Try to make it the focal point of your décor.

A beautiful sculptural centrepiece crafted out of glass, wood, ceramic, metal or any other material can grab your guests’ attention and invite their gaze to explore its unique shape and design. Add a wow-worthy artistic centre table or a sculptural chandelier and spruce up your space in no time. 

Hope it has been an interesting read. Good luck with your home improvement project!

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