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Honey Provide Physical and Emotional Nourishment

Honey has been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. It has provided both physical and emotional nourishment for the human race for those many years. Honey is a powerful antioxidant that has very anti cancer properties. Honey is known to heal wounds, to aid in digestion, to prevent allergies and to heal bacterial infections. The list goes on.

It is one of nature’s greatest moisturizers, which makes it an important ingredient in many health and beauty creams. In fact, the word moisturizer is derived from the Greek word mela meaning “lotion”. It is not only used in cosmetics and face creams, but it is also found in some foods such as oranges and certain fruits. This natural substance has been proven to have healing properties in human beings and animals. Honey is used in many health practices as well, including:

Nature’s Wonder Drug

Honey is often said to be nature’s wonder drug. Is this true? Well, we already know that honey has lots of vitamins and minerals. There are hundreds of enzymes and polysaccharides in honey that offer the body so many health benefits. Let’s take a look at the reasons why honey is good for health in a little more detail…

Honey has long been known to improve immunity. This can help ward off disease and illness. It is also believed to slow down the aging process and to provide energy and stamina. Honey has even been believed to provide a boost to the immune system. It is even used by some to treat skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis and even rashes. So healthy, so clean skin and glowing eyes…all possible results of honey!

Honey is a natural colon cleanser. This is good news for those of us trying to get our digestive systems on track and on target for good health. With regularity, we can help our bodies to heal from within and ward off disease. The natural antioxidants in many kinds of honey can do just that and more!

Heart Work Better

Honey is also thought to be an aid when it comes to cardiovascular disease. This may sound a little strange at first, until you consider what it does to your circulatory system. When you cook with honey or drink it through a syrup, you are really helping your heart work better. Honey helps to cleanse and rid the body of clogged arteries and plaque buildup. It may actually lower your risk of heart disease.

One of the greatest uses for honey is in the treatment of allergies. If you’ve ever experienced a pollen allergy, you know how difficult it can be to overcome. Allergies caused by exposure to pollen are typically handled better through the use of allergy injections. But what about the other kinds of pollen? Why is honey good at treating other kinds?

Quantities of Pollen

Scientists have found that a particular kind of bee, the honey in Pakistan, is the perfect candidate for carrying out these important tasks and they provide the qualitative honey. They are highly efficient and can produce great quantities of pollen on a very short turnaround time. What makes them such a wonder drug for health? It’s all in the nature of the honey they produce and how they are harvested from the hive.

Honey is produced by bees in a process called “nest aggregation.” This means that the bees all gather into one big hive at the end of the day to share food and water. Because of the way the pollen is gathered and processed, it carries with it valuable nutrients. The honey your grandmother once collected may be nothing like the modern kinds you buy at the supermarket. In order for honey to be categorized as all natural, it has to be processed at very low temperatures under high pressure.

Regulate The Insulin levels

So, why is it so good for us anyway? Scientific research has shown that it contains antioxidants that can counterbalance the effects of harmful free radicals throughout our bodies. They can prevent damage caused by alcohol and tobacco and fight off bacteria and viruses. Scientific studies even show that honey may help to regulate the insulin levels of those suffering from diabetes. How can you take advantage of this wonder compound? Make your own smoothies with honey and fruit because its good for health.

If you are trying to eat healthier, honey might be the right answer for you. You can buy honey online or try making your own. You can also purchase a variety of different types of honey at your local health food store. The benefits of honey have been recognized for centuries. Now it’s time to take advantage of the wonder of this natural substance.

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