What are managed Aruba services?

Managed Aruba Services has removed packages from a platform that the company says will use machine learning and artificial technology to help customers manage and maintain remote devices.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise network support has developed the Edge Services Platform (ESP), which will be able to analyze and use telemetry data generated from Wifi or network transmission devices to increase connectivity, to detect network problems -continue and maintain the entire environment.

ESP, which the company says has been under development for more than four years, not only builds a data center for customer information, domain, and SD-WAN information, but will link it to statistics from about 1.5 billion points. produced by the day. with Aruba machines all over the world. ESP uses its AI algorithms and machine learning to solve problems before they become problems, said Miles Davis, senior global solution manager for Aruba.

“The ESP also accesses information that is now very common in siloes and draws where it can be found, tested and used artificially. to improve supply and safety, ”said Davis.

In terms of security, the ESP supports security principles for non-disclosure, such as sorting and policy-building and access control, to ensure the identification of end cables or cables. It implements policies implemented in these articles through application-aware space and adapts to new threats by sharing information with other security programs and is directly aligned with web-based policies, Davis said.

ESP can be delivered locally, in the cloud or managed service from Aruba partners or through a network of services through HPE GreenLake. ESP data can be collected using the Aruba Cloud Monitoring Console in Aruba, Aruba Central, which has been updated to support ESP.

For example, Aruba Central is powered by simplified navigation, advanced search, and meaningful insights to get more informative images through a single point of control. One new feature, AI Search, uses a natural language discovery service that allows IT teams to ask for plain English to extract from the user and the data pool device and possibly the root cause of the problem.

ESPN’s Eruba announcement focuses on a number of areas that the IDC has identified as a leading provider of corporate corporations in 2020 and beyond, said Brandon Butler, chief research analyst on the network and IDC.

The first use of machine learning and pseudo-knowledge algorithms for improving network events management. “Given the size and complexity of today’s networks, there is a growing number of businesses looking to replace sophistication, ad-hoc management and automated systems that can promote flexibility and security,” he said. Butler.

“ML / AI algorithms integrated to the management platform provide a number of benefits: find operations or save issues quickly; use real language to diagnose problems; and rely on automatic management platforms for the treatment of emerging issues. The key to this is the Aruba dam within Aruba Central which gives these powers, and does it over all wireless and wireless objects. ”

The ESPN Aruba announcement also represents a major step forward for the company in various ways to manage the company, Butler said.

“Building on the last year’s CX Series for Users, Aruba has developed a robust, unobtrusive, cloud-based platform in Aruba Central that not only controls Wireless and wireless LANs, but further enhances control over the data center and beyond. Don WAN. Aruba Central has expanded its ability to provide network engineers , to assess and resolve problems at these stages, ”said Butler.

New type of branch office in Aruba

Aruba has also expanded its CX Series replacement. The company has launched the Aruba CX 6200 which is targeting corporate offices and facilities. The successive funds include analysis and automation support, Aruba said.

Aruba has also established a development center where customers and developers can access APIs and other information on the development of ESP programs.

They will also be of interest to WLAN customers who are looking for consistent management on their switch or want to expand their Aruba Central WAN management through the Aruba SD-Branch platform, ”Butler said.

The strategy for implementing machine learning and AI is leading a number of Aruba competitors including Juniper, Cisco and VMware.

Aruba has announced its next partner strategy, which will focus on managed services and will provide networking solutions such as “all-in-one” (XaaS) in response to rapid cloud changes, digital transitions and mixed workplace creation.

Details of Hewlett Packard’s (HPE) latest strategic efforts were presented by the company during the Aruba Atmosphere (ATM) Asia Pacific Partner Conference, the first state-of-the-art event for Aruba partners in the region.

This year’s event in a new format described how Aruba was prepared to partner with partners by providing new business models that will allow them to navigate the changing market environment and become ready for digital use.

The company’s activities include renowned companies and offers from Aruba, which partners will be able to market exclusively.

The partner-identified option is for Aruba partners who want to sell and deliver solutions to their network.

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