What is Boltless Racking and How It Can Help Your Business?

Boltless racking or boltless shelving is a common storage equipment that is found in warehouses and logistics facilities across Singapore. That is because it is easy to install and it comes in a wide array of designs, sizes, etc. With this in mind, the right one can help your business in a significant manner. 

If you are not sold out with the idea of investing boltless in a racking or boltless shelving system, then do not fret. This write up can help you expand your understanding of the said system and help you in decision making. 

Why you should invest in a boltless racking system

Being organized can go a long way in the business sector, particularly in the warehouse and logistics industry. This is where a boltless racking system comes in. With it, doing business inventory can be done in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

This is most true when it comes to the said racking system because it enables you to display best sellers or commonly picked items in such a way that it will make it easier for you or your personnel to pinpoint their location; then determine if they are overstocked or otherwise.

On top of the said benefits, a boltless racking system can make your business more profitable since with it, you can maximize your available space and spend a very minimal amount on tools, accessories, etc. Because of this, you do not have to worry about warehouse expansion or relocation. 

Also, if your issue is the width of your warehouse, then use your boltless racking system to stack your inventory in a vertical manner.

Another reason why you should invest in a boltless racking system is that during peak seasons like holidays where there are usually increased sales, the said storage system can help propel your operation’s efficiency to a whole new level. 

The are two kinds of boltless racking systems

When on the market for a boltless racking system, you are going to encounter two different types: long span and regular boltless shelving. 

  • Long-span racking

A long-span racking system usually packs higher weight capabilities and is more rugged looking. It allows manual storage of small materials. Many prefer this storage system because of its versatility and capacity to adapt to basically any kind of load. This is possible since you can easily increase height without compromising its weight load capacity. Plus, you can boost its functionality by incorporating it with functional accessories. 

  • Regular boltless shelving

A regular boltless shelving system is pretty much similar to a long-span racking system when it comes to functionality, but what makes it different is its lower weight load capacity. Also, it does not have the size advantage that the latter carries. However, both deliver a more durable as well as efficient solution compared to traditional shelving systems. 

Summing up

As you can see, the right boltless shelving system can help your business in a significant way and play a key role in getting you ahead of competition. To make the most of your investment make sure to avail from a company that is backed by a long history of durability and competitive pricing.

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