Finding a Fiber Cable Contractor? Here Are Some Tips

Investing in high-quality fiber optic cables can improve your overall network efficiency and provide a more secure link for your network. But before you can enjoy these benefits, you’ll need to look for fiber cable contractors. Here, we discuss the basics of searching for a contractor.

What are the Qualities of a Good and Bad Fiber Cable Contractor?

Good Fiber Cable Contractor

  • Customized solutions for various network and security needs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Robust and effective systems

Bad Fiber Cable Contractor

  • Vague contract
  • Not licensed, not insured
  • Poor communication skills

Working with a good contractor is very important as you don’t want to risk wasting your time and money working with the wrong one. So, keep these signs in mind and be alert of the red flags.

How to Find a Fiber Cable Contractor?

The key to choosing fiber cable contractors is to find them through credible and reliable sources. And here are # good sources:

1. Colleagues/friends/trusted people: The best way to find a fiber cable contractor is to ask your trusted colleagues and friends for referrals because a contractor’s reputation among previous clients is the best proof of his work.

When asking for referrals or recommendations, be sure to ask any of these questions:

  • Was the contractor easy to work with?
  • Is the contractor respectful and comfortable to communicate with?
  • Were you satisfied with the contractor’s work?
  • Did you have any problems/challenges while working with the contractor?
  • If given the chance again, will you work with that contractor again?

2. Online reviews. Online reviews, testimonials, and ratings are likewise good sources for contractors. If the contractor has positive reviews and feedback, then he or she might be the right contractor to work with. You can check such reviews on their websites, Facebook pages, and even Google reviews. These reviews usually include how experienced and committed the contractors are.

When reading reviews, make sure to filter them and avoid fake ones. Here are some tips to see if the review is genuine or not:

  • Check who wrote the review. The latter must be from a real person. So, check his or her profile.
  • Evaluate how the review was written. Did the reviewer make use of specific descriptions or examples? Also, the review is probably not genuine if it included words that are too generic.

What Questions to Ask the Fiber Cable Contractor?

After getting referrals and reading reviews, it’s now time to contact the contractors on your list. It is recommended to speak to three or more fiber cable contractors so that it will be easier for you to determine who is the perfect fit for the job. And here are some questions you should ask:

  • Which brands do you carry?
  • Do you provide a free site survey?
  • What is your work methodology?
  • How wide is your service support?
  • Do you cater to all types of network and security needs?


Your final choice of a fiber cable contractor is a result of several factors, not just the cost but also reputation and experience. Consider these factors well and choose the contractor who is the best fit.

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