How to get out of credit card debt?

If our debt becomes unmanageable and we are unable to make the appropriate payments, the ideal will be to approach the financial institution and restructure the debt . The bank will ask the client to cancel a percentage of the debt and the rest will be deferred for several months.

“Before the banks requested that the client pay at least 30% of the debt and the rest in installments, but today there are already several that accept a payment of 10 or 15% as a down payment; it depends on each banking institution ”, indicates Granja.

The card will remain blocked until the customer makes the payment of one hundred percent of the debt. The specialist indicates that, if the bank does not have a restructuring plan and the debts are excessive, the indebted person makes the decision to cut the card or cards, to prevent the problem from becoming even greater. “Always bear in mind that debt in itself is not bad, the negative is getting into debt and not knowing how to pay on time.”

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