5 Tips when choosing sparkling water

Do you find plain water boring? If you prefer your beverage to be a little fizzy, consider sparkling water. It’s a better alternative to plain soda or sugary carbonated drinks. Note, however, that not all sparkling water options are the same. 

When choosing a brand, always check the labels. Go for options without added sugars and artificial flavors. Here are more tips when choosing sparkling water in Singapore.

  1. Check calorie content. See if the product is calorie-free for a guilt-free hydration option. If you’re looking to control your weight, low-calorie beverages can help. These options can help make you feel full faster, which can then keep you from eating more. Cutting down on calories shouldn’t be done drastically, though. And remember, simply reducing your food intake won’t do. If you’ve been dealing with obesity for a long time, be sure to consult with a specialist for a safe and healthy weight loss program. 
  1. Look for those with real fruit. If the main reason you’re skipping plain water is its lack of flavor, sparkling water can offer a solution. There are options available with real fruit juices, giving them a little sweetness and fun color. Be wary of anything that says ‘natural flavors’ as there’s no guarantee that it’s different from ‘artificial flavors’. Natural flavors help enhance the aroma of food and beverages but don’t necessarily offer additional nutritional value.
  1. Skip the added sugars. Too much sugar can increase your risk of developing tooth decay and heart diseases. For your sparkling water, choose brands that don’t come with added sugars. If you need your beverage to be a little sweet, try mixing it with actual fruit slices. Come up with your sparkling water mix that’s healthier and more flavorful.
  1. Review organic claims. Research further if a brand lists organic as one of its characteristics. Not all ‘natural’ ingredients are natural as some may be produced chemically. If you’re working with a nutritionist or dietitian, try asking their opinion before settling for a sparkling water brand. Verify as well the safe amount to consume for your specific case. While you’re at it, you might want to check consumer reviews too. 
  1. Compare prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to try sparkling water. See which products come at a reasonable price. But, of course, read the label still. You’ll want a clean, crisp flavor without the slew of artificial ingredients. In case you’re looking to invest in a sparkling water dispenser for your business, check if it includes a filtration and disinfection function.

Enjoy your choice of sparkling water more, pair it with a healthy diet

If you’ve long been meaning to try sparkling water in Singapore, you’ll never run out of options. But always think about your health, if you have any, and drink moderately.  

If you’re trying to reduce your intake of soda, switching to sparkling water may help as a start. Buy a single can or bottle in a smaller size first and see how your tastebuds and body respond. 

Don’t forget to pair your choice of sparkling water with a healthy, balanced diet. 

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