How to Quote Interior Design Cost- From Designer’s Perspective?

There are several ways in which designers can charge for the type and amount of work they do. The clients must know very well about the costs and designers in advance. So, the designer needs to quote interior design costs in detail so that there is transparency in work and the customer is no confusion.

A quotation is ideally the very first document that is presented by the interior designer for the services he is going to offer during the tenure of the work. It is important from the point of view of the interior designer to get this document right. Given below is a method in which you can make a quotation for interior design that will help you to close the deal faster.

Send the Quotation at the Earliest

The timing of sending a quotation to your client plays an important role in deciding if the client will choose your services or not. The prospective client visits vendor to vendor and will choose another designer if you delay in sending the quotation. It is better if the interior designer sends the quotation on the first visit possible.

Choosing the Quote Template

The template you create should be customized according to the needs of the customer. The template chosen should be detailed yet simple to understand. There should be separate defined sections that offer appropriate details. Once you finalize the template, the next step is that you should offer all the needful information so that the client can take a quick decision.

What All Should be Included in the Quotation?

Your template should include details related like-

  • Address- This is the location for your further communication. If you have any correspondence number also, that should also be mentioned in the template.
  • Quotation number and date – Every template should have a unique quotation number so that the document can be used for reference in the future. Here the template should also have a quotation date.
  • Description of the services you will offer- It is one of the most important sections which needs to be filled carefully. Once, you have sent this document to the client you cannot say no to any work that is mentioned in the document. You should mention the total price and include any applicable taxes also.
  • Terms and Conditions- You shouldn’t forget to mention all the terms and conditions that are applicable for the quotation. The validity of quote interior design should also be mentioned.
  • Details of the client- The name and address of the client along with his tax identification number should be mentioned. 

Follow up

Only sending the quotation is not enough. Give your client a few days to evaluate your quote, say at least 3 business days. You can send a gentle reminder to the client in case he doesn’t respond. It is better to send an email as a preferred channel for reminders and follow-ups. You can also call if there is no response to your mail because sometimes the client skips the emails but is always available on a phone call.

It is always better to make your quotation simple and informative. However, just creating a quote for interior design is not enough. The timing of sending the quotation should be correct, your previous work, your reputation in the market, your conversation with the client, timely follow-ups, etc all play a very important role in deciding if the projects will be yours or not. It is believed that written approval of a quotation is always better than verbal consent. So, once your quotation is accepted, take a written approval from the client. 

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